Lure Innovations Swinging Hook Ruckusbuzz Buzzbait Sexy Shiner

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Experience the excitement and explosive strikes of Lure Innovations New Ruckusbuzz Buzzbait and trigger your topwater advantage with all its unique features.

Features like a heavy duty wire frame that adjust up for a quiet squeak or down for a noisy bang and commotion, a twist bend line tie for solid hook sets, an interchangeable hook design which allows you to rig with your favorite hooks and soft plastics, a weighted trailer keeper that produces an enticing side to side wiggle action,  a front keel weight that tracks your bait back straight and true, plus our innovative free swinging Mustad 5/0 UltraPoint hook makes this lure virtually impossible for the fish to throw while providing you with one of the highest hookup to catch ratios and combined features that you won't find in any other buzzbait!

It's easy and fun to use, simply cast and start your retrieve immediately as the lure hits the water keeping it on surface and skimming the top while varying your speed.  Lure Innovations New Ruckusbuzz Buzzbait - Adding some excitement to the way you catch fish!



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