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This custom bait was supercharged from our Ruckusbuzz line and is built to the max for tournament pros and serious anglers.  Featuring a big lunker style blade which allows you to slow crawl the bait back with a unique head banging noise that can make fish strike with a vengeance. At times it could even be too loud so you can quickly tune this bait by lifting the heavy duty blade arm up for a much quieter but equally effective squeak and squeal.  A desired combo and tune-ability that's hard to find in buzzbaits.  

It's accompanied with a twist bend line tie for solid hook sets, an on hook weighted trailer keeper that makes it easy to rig with your favorite soft plastics while producing an enticing side to side wiggle action, a front keel weight that tracks your bait back straight and true.  Sporting an Eagle Claw® Heavy Duty 5/0 TroKar® Hook and complimented with our innovative free swinging design which helps make this lure virtually impossible for fish to throw while providing you with one of the highest hookup to catch ratios.  A combined features and benefit package you won't find with any other buzzbait!

It's great on big waters, perfect back in coves, rivers, streams, or your favorite pond.  A secret bait that should be in every tackle box and the fact that it's not, is your secret!   It's easy and fun to use, simply cast and start your retrieve immediately as the lure hits the water keeping it on surface and skimming the top while varying your speed.  Lure Innovations Ruckusbuzz Buzzbait - Built For Those Who Demand The Best!

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